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 Honey Lake Motocross Park

The facility is situated on a hillside with Pines and Oak Trees. The main Motocross track is approximately 1 mile long, and is one of the most challenging Motocross tracks in the United States. A feature of this track is the "MX395". MX395 is one of the longest uphills in a Motocross track, a vertical rise of 400 feet. The overall elevation change of Honey Lake Motocross is 500 feet!

Honey Lake Motocross Park is a new addition to the Motocross tracks of Northern California. Honey Lake mx's Novice and Mini Bike classes use a portion of the "MX395" before heading down a separate downhill section designed for their skill level. For the young 50cc riders Honey Lake has a desperate track for them, complete with backwards falling gate and a great design. Honey Lake Motocross Park is a very Family oriented Motocross park.

448-450 Hwy 395
Milford, CA. 96121

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