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Milestone Ranch MX Park

Milestone Ranch MX Park is located in the Riverside area of Southern California and has five tracks to choose from. The main track was
built on a ten acre lot and is specifically designed to suit an Intermediate or Pro level riders. This is Milestone MX's primary race track with a 40 bike starting gate.

The Main Motocross track is well groomed, prepared and watered
every morning. Their are also lights for night Motocross riding. The
Vet Track is on eight acres and was built to suit the riding style of
vet, novice, or beginner riders of any age or riding level. It's great
for the recreational rider who is looking to have a fun time out on
the track. It is also groomed and watered every morning.

The Entry Level Motocross Track is located on a five acre lot and is suited best for beginners and new riders. This Motocross track was built especially wide to also accommodate quads, ATVs, and trophy trucks. it has a 20 bike dirt starting gate and is lit for night motocrossing. Their is a full service shop at Milestone MX Park, stocking, parts, service accessories, and gear.

Mon-Fri: 8am - 9:30pm
Sat & Sun: 8am - 4pm

 Milestone Ranch MX Park - California Motocross Tracks

   Milestone Ranch MX Park, Inc.
   12685 Holly Street
   Riverside, California 92509
   Phone: 951-686-GOMX

   Milestone Ranch MX Webpage

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