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 Starwest Motocross Park

There are two tracks at Starwest Motocross Park in Perris California.
A main motocross track and a Peewee mx track for the smaller kids.

The main motocross track at Starwest mx offers a challenging but
fun layout for all level of mx riders beginner to pro. There are obstacles, whoops and jumps consisting of doubles, table tops, whoops, and rhythm sections of the mx track. Races on the main motocross track have classes ranging from 50cc riders to vets to women to pro motocrossers.

The Peewee motocross track is very friendly for beginners to learn
to ride motocross. It has a motocross layout containing small jumps
for kids to practice on until they are comfortable enough to try the Main Motocross Track. Races on the Peewee motocross track have beginner and novice level riders on 50cc and 65cc two-strokes, and four-strokes up to 110cc.


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